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The Man

I have been an avid poker player and overall gambler for more than twenty years. My fascination with poker started when I was a young man of nineteen, traveling to Las Vegas for the first time.

The glamor, excitement, and everything I saw filled me with awe and wonder, though none more so than the first time I played poker. The tension, the mounting anticipation of winning a hand with each turn of a card, it pulled me in like no casino game I had ever played before.

Since that time, I have been delighted to find that online casinos and poker rooms have sprung up into some of the most popular forms of gambling in the world, with video poker being one of the most played games.

Real money casinos

At first, I had no expectations for online poker being anywhere close to as interesting as playing the game in an actual casino, but I’m happy to say that I have been floored by the innovative features shown in many online casinos that make poker seem as realistic as if I were standing in a casino myself. That is why I created this site. I want those who are as passionate as I am about the game of poker to find a place that they can gather and discover the best there is to know about poker.

As fans of poker, you are entitled to the best there is, which is what the Pokerexchange, the site I have created, aims to give you. I designed this site for the sole purpose of allowing poker fans similar to myself to visit the website and find that there are easier ways to locate the casinos and poker rooms that would best suit you.

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– The Poker Exchange Ltd
– 201 North End Avenue
– New York, New York
– (212) 945-4201